what is spray foam insulation


Agricultural structures such as Quonsets, and Pole-sheds are not usually easy to insulate. With spray foam it is not necessary to add additional framing and vapor barriers to support conventional insulation. With less labor and materials it makes more sense to use a superior insulation and let the upgrade pay for itself.

Spray foam can be sprayed over metal or wood surfaces without adding any addition material. This will insulate, stop condensation, and air seal the walls and ceiling. It will also more than double the structural strength of the building.

The amount of heat retention in the building with one inch of foam is 72%. A second half-inch boosts the efficiency to 81%. By going to two inches of foam the heat retention climbs to 90%. A third inch of foam boosts the efficiency to 96%. 

The best payback on normal heating requirements is usually one and a half, to two inches of foam. Any additional foam after two inches isn’t recovered in heat savings. The same foams at a thickness of one and a half inches are used in the manufacturing of freezers. If this can easily retain a temperature of minus twenty-five, then think how easy it is to heat your building.

Why buy a new pre-engineered building when you can convert what you already own into an efficient insulated shop?



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