Superior Spray Foam for Industrial Insulation

Protect against rust and corrosion while sealing your industrial building or structure. In a fraction of the time it takes to use other applications, spray foam excels over any other insulation. With no seams, joints or cracks, spray foam insulation has just one monolithic piece sealing and insulating the structure. Whatever your structure—pipelines, compressor skids, tanks, well heads, sea containers, reefer trucks—Superior Spray foam can help with your industrial insulation needs.

We’ve done industrial insulation spray foam jobs of all sizes, and specialize in large-scale projects. The benefits of having the most effective insulation extend beyond the measurable and can even affect employee comfort and happiness levels. This was felt by CN Rail in Manitoba.

CN Case Study

When CN was looking to cut operational costs while building with sustainability in mind, they turned to Superior Spray Foam. Built in the early 1900s, the 294,576 square foot shop’s roof insulation levels were difficult and expensive to maintain. With a financial incentive through Manitoba Hydro’s Commercial Building Envelope Program (CBEP), Superior Spray Foam completed the roof insulation project in a matter of months—a fraction of the time quoted by other companies. The results have been significant, with annual energy savings of more than $80,000 in bill reductions each year! Aside from the financial benefits, CN’s employees noticed an immediate improvement in comfort as well.

“I hear the comments time and again — It feels like there’s air conditioning on in this building!’” says Alex Pylopowich, a CN supervisor.“You can really tell the difference as you walk across the midway from one building to the next. The reflective surface on the outside of the shop is amazing. It’s something I didn’t expect.”

See how much you can save by insulating your industrial structure with Superior Spray Foam. 

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