A spray foam roof can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to use other options.

Though every install is unique, the normal process goes something like this:


Step 1: Prepare existing roof

If this is a new build and no roof already exists, the structure itself will need to be prepared for application. On an existing roof, the top or substrate will need to be prepared in advance of the application. This consists of eliminating, dirt, oil, dust, contaminants and other particles. Depending on the age of the roof and original materials used, this can mean sweeping, vacuuming, air or water pressure.  


Step 2: Polyurethane foam application

After the roof is prepared, the first layer of foam is applied. During this step you’ll see the contractor spraying the liquid directly onto the roof.


Step 3: Foam expands

This step is exactly as it sounds—the foam will expand up to 20 times its original size! This will create that seamless, leak proof, airtight application that makes spray foam so great. And while 20 times sounds huge, by final expansion the foam will be only one to two inches in thickness.  


Step 4: Second layer is applied

Once the first layer is set, the roof is ready for its top layer. This additional coating is a fraction of the thickness of the first application, and protects the roof from all weather conditions—wind, sun, rain, hail, moisture, humidity, UV light and more. This coating is key, and locks in the durability our clients rave about.  


Step 5: Enjoy!

This step takes the longest—you get to enjoy your spray foam roof for years and years and decades more!


After this well-oiled operation takes place, your roof will be prepared for decades of use. Watertight and seamless, SPF roofs are seamless and outlast alternatives every time.
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