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Superior spray foam can supply your fast set coating needs. These coating are plastics and are formed when two components meet in a mixing chamber in a spray gun. They are 100% solids and do not contain water or solvents to evaporate during the curing process like paints and epoxies.  Whether it is abrasion wear, weather corrosion or containment, Superior can help. With the newest of technologies, polyurethanes and polyureas are surpassing the capabilities of any other coatings.

  • Coatings capable of withstanding 300 degrees F
  • Capable of 200-1000% Elongation
  • Coatings hard enough to hit with a hammer or scratch with a finger nail.
  • Coatings that can cure in 20 seconds or less.
  • Food grade coatings
  • NSF potable water coatings
  • Fire Rated coatings
  • Smooth or textured finishes
  • Slip or non slip surfaces

Smooth or textured surfaces, metal, wood, concrete, or almost any substrate can be coated with the proper surface preparation. Ideas are endless. It doesn’t make sense to re-coat something every five years when it can be protected right the first time and last the entire life of the object.

These are a few areas that Superior Spray Foam can coat:

  • Fast set coatings over polyurethane foam roofs
  • Wall and floors in staff washrooms and facilities
  • Protection over wooden decks
  • Meat cutting and packing facilities
  • Concrete protection and gas-proofing
  • Manufacturing facility floor protection
  • Berm embankments for lagoons and drainage ditches
  • Coatings for over cinderblocks or concrete
  • Shower room facilities that need excellent waterproofing
  • Waste water treatment tanks or lagoons and their facilities
  • Drinking water holding tanks
  • Commercial vehicles, end dumps, gravel boxes
  • Anti-slip areas for stairs and catwalks
  • External corrosion control for tanks, and structural steel
  • Hard coats over foam for well heads
  • Secondary containment liners
  • Primary containment linings


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