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Spray foam is very widely used in the construction of new stores and office buildings. Few applicators have the training, certification, and experience required to install complete Air Barrier Systems in Canada. When you choose Superior Spray Foam to insulate your new or existing commercial or industrial building, you are choosing a company that has practical first hand experience with the installation of a 100% complete air seal across the building envelope. One of the few certified Complete Air Barrier installation specialists in Canada, we can provide the following services that will create the most efficient seal to your commercial building:

Air Seal

-2lb closed-cell spray foam application to the perimeter seams between the walls and roof, and to seal all penetrations through the exterior building envelope such as ducting and conduits, structural steal, etc...

-Single-component and low-expansion urethanes to seal gaps around window and door frames.


-2lb closed-cell spray foam application to interior or exterior walls, foundation, high parapets, and many other areas that can be difficult or impossible to insulate using traditional board insulation.



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