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Residential Foam Applications

Polyurethane Foam has been established as one of the best Insulators. Three inches of foam has a thermal resistance (R-Value) of R22. If you combine the fact that it is 40% more efficient than conventional insulation due to its air sealing qualities, the same three inches is now equal to R31-not to mention the increased comfort in the house because of no drafts and a clean, dust-free environment.

Convection, humidity, and the potential settling and/or matting of your conventional insulation also affect insulation efficiency. With rigid spray-in-place polyurethane foam, there is no convection within the wall cavity as the cold and warm temperatures meet. Two inches of foam does not require a vapor barrier, and the R-Value is not affected by humidity.

Lastly, when sprayed in walls Polyurethane foam does not change. Twenty years from now, your insulation will not have settled, matted or become full of dust and molds. Because polyurethane foam is a “closed cell” insulation, dust cannot penetrate the insulation. Polyurethane Foam also has no food value, so bacteria and molds won’t grow.

Of course polyurethane foam is more expensive than traditional insulation. But if the additional cost is added to a mortgage, your very first energy bill will not only cover the extra cost on your mortgage, it will put money in your pocket. 

Within five years the added cost will have been recovered.

Did you know that any building that falls under the national Building code must have CCMC (Canadian Construction Material Center) approved foams? Be sure when using a spray foam contractor he is a qualified applicator of a CCMC material. The building will not pass inspection, qualify for insurance or CHMC mortgage unless it is a approved material and your contractor is qualified. Most CCMC materials have a dye in the foam to show that they are rated.


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